WilMarc Answers Healthcare Industry Call to Abolish Toxic Chemicals in Devices

Fort Collins, Dec. 8, 2016 — WilMarc, a premier U.S. manufacturer of PVC-free and DEHP-free fittings, tubing, and filters for anesthesia and other medical devices, today announced the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. With this expansion, the company intends to provide employment to a larger number of people and boost the local economy.

What makes the success of WilMarc particularly significant, is the healthcare industry trend serving as the catalyst for growth, and the outlook for continued economic success. President, William Coulson explained “Concerns about effects on patient and physician health, and the environmental impact of toxic chemicals in plastics, have been substantiated in numerous reports. However, public pressure on hospitals for accountability could be one factor in surging demand for clean and green alternatives”.

DEHP and other Phthalates, also known as plasticizers, are commonly found in flexible tubing and other medical products. Studies show these compounds produce a range of toxic effects and health problems, while the chemicals released during the production and incineration of PVC raise serious environmental concerns.

As regulatory agencies, hospitals and medical facilities acknowledge the potential harm, they are forming initiatives and joining coalitions to abolish the use of these chemicals, and protect patients, health care workers, and the environment from exposure.

In support of this call for reform, WilMarc installed state-of-the-art automated equipment for tubing extrusion in their newest Fort Collins plant and spent the last two years improving product design and composition. Today, their U.S. investment is paying-off; as demand for readily available, cost-competitive “green” solutions continues to swell, they are keeping pace and preparing for more growth.

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