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Breathing Bags

WilMarc’s breathing bags are free of PVC, BPA and are not made from natural rubber latex. These bags come in four sizes ranging from .5L up to 3L. They are designed to deliver uniform inflation, that will accommodate patient needs and physician preferences. Our bags can be included as part of a kit or purchased on their own.

Breathing Bag Features:

  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Designed to deliver uniform inflation
  • Offered in four sizes

Want to order these components? Use the link below to download product codes.

Part Number Description Case Quantity
LFB00 Breathing Bag, .5L 20/case
LFB01 Breathing Bag, 1L 20/case
LFB02 Breathing Bag, 2L 20/case
LFB03 Breathing Bag, 3L 20/case