YOU have unique needs, WE offer unique solutions.

Over 33 years of experience manufacturing high-quality products that are designed to exceed expectations of physical and economic performance.

Committed to fulfilling practitioner needs

By working collaboratively, face-to-face with medical professionals like you, our product development team can design, test, refine and produce innovative new products that not only perform better for you, but contribute to better outcomes for patients, and offer cost savings to healthcare organizations.

Phthalate-free for health

More and more hospitals are aligning with a “Safer Chemicals” or “PVC Elimination” initiative. The reasoning behind these moves is not only for the protection and safety of the patient but also for the providers that work with these materials daily. WilMarc was founded on the belief that eliminating these harmful chemicals from medical devices was safer for patients and practitioners. With that belief, there also came an ethical responsibility to lead the way for cleaner medical manufacturing into the future.

Accelerating innovation.

You only have to look at how far we’ve come, to know that WilMarc will deliver even more innovative products to better meet the needs of discerning medical professionals and hospitals in the future.