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Gas Sample Lines

WilMarc’s gas sample lines are made from the highest grade medical materials. They are free of PVC and other Phthalates like DEHP and Bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Free of PVC and Phthalates like DEHP and Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Economical and Lightweight
  • Available in two ID sizes: .042” and .047”
  • Offered in both male or female Luer for machine fittings
  • Individually bagged in case quantities of 10, 50 or 100
  • 0.8μ filter option available

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Part Number Tubing Type Length Fittings Filter Case Quantity
003-MM-10 .047 10ft./3m MM None 10/case
003-MF-10 .047” 10ft./3m MF None 10/case
003-MMF-10 .047” 10ft./3m MM 0.8µ 10/case
003-MFF-10 .047” 10ft./3m MF 0.8µ 10/case
002-MM-10 .042” 10ft./3m MM None 10/case
002-MF-10 .042” 10ft./3m MF None 10/case
003-MM-50 .047” 10ft./3m MM None 50/case
003-MF-50 .047” 10ft./3m MF None 50/case
002-MM-50 .042” 10ft./3m MM None 50/case
002-MF-50 .042” 10ft./3m MF None 50/case
003-MML-50 .047” 10ft./3m MM Elbow None 50/case
003-MFL-50 .047” 10ft./3m MF Elbow None 50/case
003-MM-100 .047” 10ft./3m MM None 100/case
003-MF-100 .047” 10ft./3m MF None 100/case
002-MM-100 .042” 10ft./3m MM None 100/case
002-MF-100 .042” 10ft./3m MF None 100/case
003-MML-100 .047” 10ft./3m MM Elbow None 100/case
003-MFL-100 .047” 10ft./3m MF Elbow None 100/case
001-MF-10 n/a n/a n/a 0.8μm 10/case