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Phthalate, DEHP, BPA and PVC Free Medical Devices

Look inside our new innovation center and manufacturing facility.

More than 93,000 sq. ft. dedicated to creating better solutions for medical professionals and patients.

Our greatest advantage is our alliance with you.

We gain insights from physician and clinician experiences and draw inspiration from improved patient outcomes. It’s only through our collaborative partnerships with medical professionals like you, guiding our design and development, that we’re able to deliver the highest quality, Phthalate Free and PVC Free medical devices.

93,000 square feet of innovation.

Our new 93,000 sq. ft. headquarters are home to our all PVC Free manufacturing facility. Once PVC has been used in a part of the process the entire chain is considered contaminated. That’s why no PVC has ever been run on any of our machines and we have the certifications to prove it.

Although the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is common in the medical industry and the dangers of PVC are known, the global concern is growing about the health and environmental risks associated with PVC. Sweden began placing strict restrictions on its use in 1995 and is moving toward eliminating its use entirely. Over 60 cities in Spain have been declared PVC-free. New York City, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Buffalo, NY, are phasing out the purchase of PVC and products like it, and countries worldwide are strengthening restrictions on its production and disposal. On August 30, 2018, the state of California began requiring products containing DEHP to display a warning label. The state of California also recommends that “Prior to undergoing medical procedures (especially recurring ones like dialysis) plan ahead by requesting medical devices or equipment that do not contain DEHP.  This is especially important for protecting boys from the reproductive effects of DEHP”.

WilMarc is dedicated to producing medical devices that are PVC-Free, BPA Free, DEHP Free, and Phthalate-Free.

Your patient is always at the center of our mission.

WilMarc was formed from a need to provide innovation and change to a development environment limited by profit margins and investment costs. The WilMarc management team was convinced that this could be achieved through innovation, dedication and a collaborative relationship between product development and clinicians.

Today, we’re leading industry change by providing devices that exceed expectations of technical performance and economic value, and result in better, safer devices that enhance patient care and positively impact patient outcomes.

Product Value and Performance

We know that every hospital and medical center has unique needs, so we offer unique, innovative solutions engineered to exceed your expectations for technical and economic performance.

A Culture of Continuous Innovation

For us, protecting people and the environment goes beyond an initiative, it’s why we exist and who we are. Every WilMarc product is free of PVC and all plasticizers, helping to eliminate exposure risks during manufacturing, use, and disposal.

Orange is The New Green

WilMarc specializes in providing medical devices that are manufactured without PVC and Phthalates that could affect healthcare professionals, patients, and the environment.

Because you care as much about animals as we do

Offering superior performance and PVC-free protection for our pets.