Improving success for veterinary practices, while improving safety and care for our pets.

At WilMarc, we believe people and pets deserve the best care, but we understand the unique challenges of operating a profitable veterinary practice, so we created an exceptionally durable line of PVC-free products that offers the same performance and quality as those used by hospitals and physicians.


We’re unlike any other medical device manufacturer.

We’re unlike any other medical device manufacturer, because our product development team works collaboratively with medical professionals like you to design, test, refine and produce innovative new products that not only perform better, but contribute to better outcomes for patients, and our cost savings to veterinary practices.

Benefits for Vets and pets

  • Innovative mask design for variety of veterinary patients
  • All components free of PVC and Phthalates including DEHP
  • Quality materials and construction for exceptional durability
  • CPRAM for controlled partial rebreathing anesthesia methods
  • Coaxial, corrugated and expandable breathing circuits
  • Economical, lightweight feeding and suction tubes